This website displays part of the collections as well as selected projects put together, performed, and exhibited in the years 1987-2005, when I held the position of the director of the Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum of the City of Hagen, Germany. Most of the material published on this website has been created by myself. Other material is, as far as it is not available through public sources, published with permission of the respective authors.

With this website, I try to give a short report on the acquisition- and exhibition-politics I have been responsible for within the years indicated. It built on a basic decision to re-orientate the Museum, in 1990/91 made by the parliament of the City of Hagen, and has been confirmed by its committees in numerous subsequent decisions, namely with respect to the acquisitions.

With this website, I also wish to express my deep gratitude to all who – many of them over years, and with great emphasis – shared my approach to the KEOM, trusted in my work, and engaged themselves for the museum, not at least by giving their art-works to its collections.

This website is still (and will stay) under construction, especially regarding the English version. Any contribution, be it critical, or supportive, is appreciated very much. post

Michael Fehr,
Berlin, July 2009

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Text and Kontext. Developing a Museum by reflecting its History (1995/2003)